Parent Teacher Communication

We at CKH Carrum Downs aim to create open communication between our service and the families.
Encouraging families to provide information about their children that will assist in the day to day care of the children and promote continuity between the centre and home.

Prior to your child’s orientation visit we recommend you complete the orientation form that is designed to inform the educators of immediate care needs for your child.
As these needs change we encourage you to continue to communicate and update with us so we can best cater to your child.

Our communication methods are vast, so whether it be face to face informal chats, phone calls, newsletter, email or via parent information pockets, feel assured we will always keep you informed.
At any time please feel welcome to request a parent/teacher information session with your child’s educator and we will be happy to accommodate this.
Alternatively, we do provide a minimum of one occasion each in the first and third terms for the whole centre parent educator information evenings.

No matter what, we are always here to help and support you and your child.