Our Services

Community Kids Haven Early Learning & Kinder Carrum Downs is dedicated in providing the highest quality of childcare for all children.  We believe every child is unique and has distinctive aptitude, ability and talent.  Early years learning and positive experiences lay a solid foundation for the rest of their life.  Our child care centres are committed to provide your children a creative, stimulating, safe and intrinsically motivating environment to unleash their unique potentials and raise them as a valuable contribution to the future society.

CKHCD, Early Years Learning Framework and quality play based program furnishes endless opportunities to learn and practice progressive exploration and thinking, life skills of interaction, sharing and resolution and scaffold to shape up an exquisite self image.  Children are invigorated to learn independently, explore in their own-ways and make choices of objects and natural materials from their environment.  We embrace the concept that young children are swift, imaginative, creative, enthusiastic and powerful learners and they own a natural faculty to control their own learning patterns.  Our experienced, professional and rightly qualified educators facilitate, guide and extend these learning patterns in their everyday program, which plays a major role in children early years learning.       

At our Child Care Centres, we always emphasize the importance of parent input, participation and involvement into our early years learning program.  Our team makes every effort to establish an open, positive and trusting relationship with the families.

We believe children have the right to be treated equally in an equitable environment that respects and positively acknowledges each child regardless of race, culture, gender, class, disability and age.  We encourage our children to respect and value differences in others and themselves.

Our Qualified Child Care Educators endeavour relentlessly to achieve excellence in their role as learned educator, compassionate role models and caring nurturers of children’s learning and development.

Nutrition and Meals

At CKH nutrition is an integral part of our centre.  Breakfast is provided for children at the centre before 8am and the remaining 4 meals (morning tea, lunch, afternoon tea and late snack are prepared at the centre by an appropriately qualified cook.  Our centre menu provides 50% of a child’s daily dietary needs and includes all food groups and is based on advice from the Victorian Health Department.  Our centres provide fresh food and individual children’s requirements are always taken into account when planning and preparing meals.
All educators  at CKH promote positive behaviour in relation to food by  role modelling tasting a wide variety of food and discussing the nutritional benefits in developmentally appropriate language.  We also understand that not all children are hungry at the same time and therefore have progressive mealtimes available to children.  Healthy food and nutrition are discussed in the program as part of intentional teaching but also through spontaneous interactions.

CKH have a weekly menu that rotates on a four weekly cycle.  The weekly menu is displayed in various places in the centres – the kitchen, in children’s rooms and in the centre foyer all families also receive a copy of the menu whenever changes are made.  Please feel free to ask the Centre Director for a copy of the menu to take home.  We are constantly monitoring our menu and make changes when required. Outside the kitchen you will find menu review forms that we encourage families to complete with ideas and suggestions about particularly meals you would like to see served at CKH.
Our bimonthly newsletter and website contains a ‘recipe of the month’ that provides families with some ideas of what children are enjoying at the centre.  If you find your child likes a particular meal at the centre please do not hesitate to ask educators for a copy of the menu – they will be more than willing to assist.