During your child’s education they will experience many transitions – from home care to an early  learning centre, between rooms as they grow and in no time at all from Kinder to Primary School.  In our experience we have found that all children are different in the way they handle change and as such transitioning for each child and family is different.  Some children are eager to take the next step while many children are unsure about making that break and prefer to move slowly.

On Enrolment

All families are encouraged to participate in an orientation visit at CKH during this time you are encouraged to exchange as much information as possible about your child to the educators in the room and ask any questions you may have.  Developing open communication from your first visit to the centre sets the foundations of a strong relationship between educators and families.  Orientation is flexible and you may want to stay for 15 minutes or 2 hours, it is important to spend time with your child in the room but then you will be encouraged to leave your child in the room as educators continue the process of gaining the confidence of your child.

Please expect that there will be tears and it is not unusual for the tears to start in the second or third week as your child starts to realise that you will be leaving them.  Please understand that this is completely normal and the tears will stop probably by the time you are at your car, we encourage parents to call at any time to enquire about your child’s day and will try to give you a call to let you know your child has settled if they are a bit unhappy when you drop them off.

One important thing we would like to stress to parents is the importance of saying good bye to your child, sometimes it may seem easier to sneak away while they are engaged at an activity but rest assured when they turn around and discover that you have left they will be upset and the next time separation will be more difficult. 

Transitioning between rooms

Age is only one aspect taken into consideration prior to transitioning children between rooms at CKH.  Other aspects include your child’s development particularly social and emotional skills.  When your child is ready to transition and there is a place in the room, educators will discuss with you the steps that will be taken to ensure the move happens as smoothly as possible.   The amount of time a child spends transitioning from one room to another is again based on observations and the individual child, some children are happy to make the move permanent after one or two visits while for other children it may take 3-4 weeks of shorter visits before they are comfortable to move permanently to their new room.  

School Transition

Transition to school is a major milestone in your child’s life.  School transitioning is incorporated into the Kindergarten program throughout the year.  As well as preparing your child developmentally, socially and emotionally for this transition educators also refine skills required to assist in their schooling such as opening a lunchbox.

Educator/Parent interviews occur mid year to discuss your child’s readiness for school and the Kindergarten teacher will complete an individual School Transition Report for your child’s prep teacher near the end of the year.